C-20a Canister Rifle


Min Str: 7 / Weight: 20 lbs. / DMG: + 50 / RNG: 150
Ammo: .50 Canister Rounds [2d12 5ft. radius] (15 Shot Clip)
Single: 5 / Target: 6 / Special Attack: 8
Special: Piercing Shots, Explosive Shots (5ft Radius), -5 AC, -5 DR
XM-99 Scope: an electronic scope that offers a 4x zoom, nightvision, thermal vision and a directional-video/audio recorder.

Lockdown Round: causes a stasis field which deals – 3 AP to all enemies within 15 feet of the target in addition to standard damage.

Flash Round: causes a flash of light which deals blindness for 1d6+1 rounds to all targets that have visual perception. END DC vs 23 to resist.

Sticky Round: round sticks to the target for 1d4+1 before exploding and dealing 3d10 + 10 explosive damage to all within 20 feet.

Hellfire Round: rounds explodes into napalm which deals 4d4 + 20 damage to all targets within 10 feet in addition to a 25% chance to catch aflame and take 1/2 damage for 1d4+1 rounds.

C-20a Canister Rifle

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